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Blaine Lawn Care Services

Does your dull, weed-riddled lawn need help? Get the best in Blaine lawn care and make your lawn go from sad to spectacular with lawn care programs from North County Lawn Care!

Looking for Lawn Care in Blaine, WA?


Seasonal Weekly Mowing

You’re busy, and sometimes grass can grow unpredictably with the weather, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Stay on top of it with seasonal weekly mowing from March through November and ensure your lawn never grows out of control.

Weed Control

A luscious green lawn is something that most people desire for their property. Keep yours green and healthy with weed control services. When it comes to Blaine lawn care, we take pride in having the knowledge to eliminate the invasive weeds that blow into your lawn.

Lawn Pest Control

Slugs and grubs can absolutely ruin a lawn. With our Blaine lawn care programs, we offer lawn pest control to make sure these pests don’t take up residence in your lawn and cause unsightly damage.

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Mole Control

Moles can not only ruin a lawn, but they can also create hazards with holes and dens. Make your lawn beautiful and pest-free with our Blaine, WA lawn care. 

Lawn Nutrition

Healthy lawns need nutrients! Our lawn health programs provide the proper dosage of lime and iron to keep your lawn green and beautiful. Let us assess your lawn and help give it the care that it needs.

Lawn Aeration

Over time, soils can compact, making it harder for roots to take hold and for grass to grow. Lawn aeration is a process that can help break up those tough soils and promote healthy lawn growth.


Our Lawn Health Programs


General Lawn Health

When you need just the basics, our general lawn health program provides residents in Blaine with lawn care options for all budgets. Our general lawn health program includes high-quality products for lime and iron applications as well as spring and fall fertilizer applications.

Essential Lawn Health

North County’s essential lawn health program offers everything you need to keep your lawn green and beautiful, including everything from our general program plus weed and lawn pest (grub and slug) control applications, growth balancer, and monthly fertilizer.

Premium Lawn Health

  • Take lawn care a step further with premium lawn health. This program offers the best in Blaine lawn care and includes all of our essential lawn health program services plus deep core aeration to keep your soil and your lawn healthy.Deep core aeration

Lawn Restoration Services

No matter the reason why your lawn got to the state it's in, we can fix it! Our lawn restoration services can take your lawn from brown to green in just a few short weeks. We also offer cleanups and enhancements for lawns that are messy but not in need of a full restoration.




Why Choose North County Lawn Care?

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Level Billing

Level billing means you know exactly what charges to expect for your lawn care, making it easy to include in your budget. We also offer three lawn health programs that will keep your lawn healthy, perfect for different budgets. No fluctuations, no surprises, and a healthy lawn.

Enjoy the predictability of level billing

Hard to Budget

Friendly Crew

We take pride in having a happy, friendly crew of employees. When we’re on your property, we want you to feel comfortable that we’re there. Our crew will treat your property with the respect and care it deserves.

Easy to Budget

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a satisfaction guarantee, which means we want you completely satisfied with your lawn, or we’ll make it right.


What Our Clients Have Said

“North County Lawn Care has been keeping my front and back yard looking like a park.”

Our customers are so happy with our work, they’ve told the world on Google, Facebook, and through testimonials submitted to our website.

Our Lawn Care Projects

Start Transforming Your Lawn

Ready to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood? Contact North County Lawn Care today to get the best in Blaine lawn care for your property!

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