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Lawn Sprinkler Abstract

Irrigation System Installation & Maintenance

Properly functioning irrigation systems are important for lawn health as a matter of course. However, making sure your landscape irrigation system is working as intended is also essential for conserving limited water resources and staying compliant with state regulations.


At North County Lawn Care, you can count on us to provide irrigation system installation services that keep your lawn healthy while also conserving this valuable resource. Discover more about our Whatcom County sprinkler installation services.

Irrigation Installation

Say goodbye to hoses and hand-watering! We can install your new automatic sprinkler system.


Our experts at North County Lawn Care specialize in sprinkler system installation within Bellingham and the greater Whatcom County area in Washington. 

We start your installation with a free site assessment to learn more about your lawn. Our lawn and irrigation pros will take a tour of your property and discuss your goals with you. From there, we’ll provide you with a quote for the services that meet your needs.

Whether you want irrigation for your flower beds and shrubs, your lawn, or anything in between, North County Lawn Care can come up with the most effective irrigation system for your needs.


Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation systems require just as much maintenance as any other part of your lawn, since it’s what helps keep your lawn lush and green all season long. Even more, a well-functioning watering system can help you save money and resources, so upkeep is vital.

From time to time, irrigation systems will need repairs and maintenance. At North County Lawn Care, we’re able to repair everything from broken pipes and faulty pipe fittings to wires within your system’s electrical work. We can also replace your system’s rotors, sprinkler heads, control valves, check valves, and controllers.

Every time we work with you, we follow Washington’s state requirements on backflows. We’ll also be happy to schedule your required backflow testing service.

Spring Startup

Here is the plan you can expect us to follow when we start up your irrigation system in the spring months at a glance:

  1. Activate the main shut off valve

  2. Access each zone of your property to identify and address deficiencies

  3. Check each sprinkler zone for leaks and plugged spray heads

  4. Check sprinkler head alignment and rotation in each zone

  5. Set the controller to ideal watering run times

  6. Communicate with you about any needed repairs or recommended improvements

While exact pricing may vary if you have a large number of zones, our spring startup services cost $155.00 for up to 10 zones. Each additional zone is $15.00.


Winterizing your irrigation system yourself can be a challenging hassle that makes it easy to damage your system if you do it incorrectly. At a glance, you can expect us to take these steps off your hands when you work with us:

  1. Blow out the connection on the discharge side of the main shut off valve

  2. Apply air pressure into the system using an air compressor with optimal PSI

  3. Observe every zone in the system to note any potential issues

  4. Open zones using a controller or automatic control valves

  5. Communicate with you about any needed repairs or recommended improvements

While exact pricing may vary if you have a large number of zones, our sprinkler winterization services cost $155.00 for up to 10 zones. Each additional zone is $15.00.

Our Irrigation Service Options

To help your lawn stay healthy all year long, we offer three different service packages. These allow you to take a hands-off approach to a lush, green lawn while enjoying the benefits of our Level Billing program and other services.

  • Essential: In addition to handling spring startup and winterization, our irrigation experts will do two seasonal adjustments to your system.

  • Premium: We’ll take care of spring startup and winterization, plus three seasonal adjustments throughout the warmest months of the year.

  • Platinum: Our Platinum Irrigation service takes all the hassle out of spring startup and winterization. It also includes four seasonal adjustments to match the changing weather conditions throughout the year!


How Much Does it Cost to Install an Irrigation System?

The cost of installing an irrigation system comes with a lot of different variables that can affect the final price. A few of the most common factors to consider if you’re planning to install a sprinkler system include:

  • Yard size: With rare exceptions, it costs more to install a lawn sprinkler system on a large, 1-acre lawn on a suburban estate than it does to install one on a smaller plot in downtown Bellingham.

  • Number of watering zones: If your yard is complex and has different types of plants with varying water needs, you may need to pay more to have extra watering zones installed.

  • Water pressure: Areas with lower water pressure or volume can require a more experienced installer who can design your irrigation system accordingly, or the system won’t function properly.

  • Soil quality: Whatcom County has a whole range of soil compositions including loess, glacial sediments left over from the Ice Age, and volcanic ash. The type of soil your lawn has can make a difference in installation costs.

  • Sun exposure: Your installer will recommend different irrigation system designs based on how much sun and shade your yard receives so every area gets the exact amount of water it needs.

  • Slope: If your yard has a steep slope, you may have to pay more for additional drainage measures than you would with relatively level ground.


These are just a few of the factors. Whenever we provide a quote for our services, we’ll be sure to walk through the specific cost factors with you so you know exactly what to expect.

Looking for Sprinkler Installation in Whatcom County?

In addition to installing and maintaining your irrigation system, we also offer full-service landscaping and lawn care services, as well as snow and ice management during the winter months. 

Request a quote from us today and we’ll show you how we can take the hassle and time out of keeping your lawn and garden healthy and lush throughout the year!


Why Choose North County Lawn Care?

We are the premier sprinkler installation service in Whatcom County, serving the areas of Bellingham, Ferndale, Blaine, Lynden, and beyond in Northwest Washington. You can count on our friendly, experienced crew to get the job done right every time you work with us!


We’ve received hundreds of happy reviews from your friends and neighbors in Whatcom County! We know you’ll love the work we do to bring your landscaping to life with proper irrigation, but if for some reason you don’t, we’ll do what we can to make things right.

“I was left hanging with a previous contractor and North County Lawn [Care] was able to come the day after I called and fix some major issues in my new irrigation system. They were quick, professional, and did a great job."

Read even more testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Our Irrigation Installation Projects

We’ve installed and upgraded hundreds of irrigation systems throughout Whatcom County to help our neighbors’ lawns thrive. Here are just a few of the irrigation systems we’ve installed over the years!





Tell Us About Your Project

We can help your lawn and garden stay lush and green all season long! Get a free quote today and we’ll help you get started.

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