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Lawn Sprinkler Abstract


Irrigation Maintenance

A properly functioning irrigation system is not only important for lawn health but  to conserve water and for compliance with increasing state irrigation regulations. At North County Lawn Care we can be counted on to deliver professional irrigation services that achieve these goals.

Repairs & Improvements

Irrigation systems from time to time have repair needs that we will address as efficiently as possible. Broken pipes, faulty pipe fittings & wires can be repaired. Sometimes it is necessary to replace rotors, sprinkler heads, automatic control valves, controllers and check valves. We always follow state requirements on back flows and can schedule your required back flow testing service.


A proper and efficient irrigation system can save you time & money in the long term, while giving peace of mind and ability to enjoy your property more.


New Installations

Start with a FREE site visit! We will assess your property, discuss your goals and provide you with a quote that meets your needs. Whether you want irrigation for your beds, your lawn, or both,

North County Lawn Care will come up with the most effective irrigation system for you.

Say goodbye to the hoses & hand watering, we can install your new automatic sprinkler system.

Spring Startup:

  1. Activate main shut off valve

  2. Run each zone to identify and address any deficiencies

  3. Check each zone for leaks and plugged heads

  4. Check sprinkler head alignment and rotation

  5. Set the controller to ideal watering run times

  6. Communicate with the client of any needed repairs or recommended improvements

$150.00 up to 10 zones


  1. Blow out connection on the discharge side of the main shut off valve

  2. Apply air pressure using the compressor into the system

  3. Observe every zone to note any issues

  4. Open zones from controller or automatic control valves

  5. Communicate with the client of any needed repairs or recommended improvements

$150.00 up to 10 zones


Amazing Results






Irrigation contractor in Whatcom County, Bellingham, Ferndale, Blaine and Lynden.

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