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Our Mission

Our Vision

To deliver high quality, detail oriented  landscape maintenance and installation with PROFESSIONALISM and EXCEPTIONAL client experience guiding us every step of the way.

To enhance the Beauty, Value, And Safety of properties throughout Washington by CREATING and MAINTAINING LANDSCAPES that give Better Outdoor Experiences and leave more time for our clients’ most valued activities.

Kevin Wiebe, Founder & Visionary

Kevin Wiebe, the founder and visionary of North County Lawn Care, established the company in 2003. Kevin's unwavering commitment to professionalism, quality, and relationship building has been the driving force behind the company's success. Kevin's vision has allowed North County Lawn Care to evolve into a multifaceted, four-seasons company with expertise in lawn care, landscaping, and snow/ice management. His passion for delivering top-notch results has been instrumental in the company's growth and reputation in the industry. He has carefully assembled a team of skilled professionals who share his vision and commitment to exceeding client expectations. Kevin ensures that his team is equipped with the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to provide the highest level of service.  Kevin's vision and passion serve as the foundation for our continued success. 

Kevin NCLC-59.jpg

Sonya Erica Liu, General Manager, MBA

Sonya 2012-03-08_15-32-44_75.jpg

As General Manager, Sonya plays a pivotal role in charting our path to success. With a Master's Degree in Business, Sonya brings a wealth of business knowledge and a genuine passion for integrating the core functions sa service business needs to achieve great results. She firmly believes in fostering a culture of collaboration, process improvement and accountability, while encouraging teamwork and promoting a growth mindset among our staff. Her unwavering commitment to the vision and values of North County Lawn Care, has been instrumental in driving our company's progress and the daily execution of exceptional landscaping services desired by our clients.

Angee Bolick, Office/Operations Manager 

Angee has been an invaluable member of the North County family since the beginning, 2003. With her wealth of knowledge and years of experience in lawn care and landscaping, Angee consistently ensures the seamless functioning of the Administrative, Lawn Health, Irrigation and Winter Divisions. Whether she is addressing customer inquiries, managing administrative tasks, or optimizing our internal systems, Angee's expertise and professionalism shine through. We are proud to have Angee as an integral part of our organization!

Angee NCLC-25.jpg

Erica Van Rijswijck, Maintenance  Coordinator & HR Administrator

Erica NCLC-32.jpg

Since 2019, Erica has held two crucial positions in the company.  As our Maintenance Coordinator, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of our maintenance crews. With her meticulous planning, coordination, and resource management, Erica maximizes the productivity and effectiveness of our teams, enabling them to deliver top-quality service to our valued clients. As our dedicated Human Resources specialist, Erica takes charge of employee recruitment, payroll, and benefits programs, ensuring that our team members are well-supported and engaged. Erica's expertise in HR allows her to create a positive and inclusive work environment where our employees can thrive and grow.

 Tara Brockett, Client Experience Associate

Since 2021, Tara has been an invaluable asset as our Client Service Assistant. As the first point of contact for new clients, Tara's warm and cheerful disposition ensures that every interaction is nothing short of exceptional. Whether it's booking an estimate or addressing inquiries about our services, clients can rely on her to provide prompt and accurate information, making their experience with our company seamless and hassle-free. Her dedication to providing a comforting and personalized experience sets the tone for our commitment to outstanding client service.

Tara NCLC-20.jpg
Paul DeCelle NCLC-39 (1).jpg

Paul DeCelle, Landscape Construction Manager

As an accomplished professional with over 15 years of experience in landscape project management, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and exceptional skills to our growing landscape construction division.  With his extensive experience, Paul is well-versed in all aspects of landscape construction. He possesses a deep understanding of horticulture, design principles, and construction techniques, enabling him to lead our teams with expertise and precision. Under his guidance, our teams deliver exceptional results, transforming outdoor spaces into stunning landscapes that exceed client expectations.  He values open communication and encourages professional growth within our crews, allowing our team to continually improve and stay engaged in delivering top not results.

Ben Silva, Sales & Estimating Specialist 

Joining our team in 2022 as Sales & Estimating Specialist, Ben has a wealth of experience and expertise. With a background in Synthetic Turf, Ben is well-versed in understanding and meeting clients' specific needs, offering tailored landscaping solutions that make perfect sense. He excels in identifying the unique requirements for each site and providing comprehensive solutions that encompass lawn care, landscape maintenance, and specialized projects such as synthetic turf installations. Ben is dedicated to building strong relationships, listening attentively to clients' needs, and delivering accurate estimates that align with their budgets and expectations. 

Ben Silva NCLC-38.jpg

Jathan Delano, Shop Mechanic  

Jathan NCLC-37.jpg

Serving as our dedicated Shop Mechanic, Jathan plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of our extensive fleet of vehicles and equipment. Jathan's commitment to keeping our equipment and trucks in optimal condition ensures that we experience minimal downtime, allowing us to deliver exceptional results on time, every time. Beyond his technical skills, Jathan also prioritizes the safety of our employees. He meticulously inspects and maintains our equipment to ensure that it meets all necessary safety standards. This dedication to creating a safe working environment enables our team members to perform their tasks with confidence, enjoyment and peace of mind.

After nearly 20 years in business and having served more than 4000 clients across Whatcom County, North County Lawn Care is proud to say we are the same locally owned company everyone loves.

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