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Cleanups & Enhancements


Whether it’s tackling over grown flower beds, a seasonal leaf collection, or a specialized cleanup, our detail-oriented crews are trained to go above and beyond, leaving you with an
impressive and lasting result.  Our clean ups begin with a FREE site visit and are fully
designed for you and your property needs.  

Property Cleanups

Includes removal of weeds and other unwanted organics, trimming, shaping of shrubs, ornamentals, and plants, edging of beds and debris is hauled off site. Weed control applications are typically used to prolong the cleanup result.  We make your property manageable once again with a Clean Up.

Beds Cleanups

A thorough clean-up of your beds, removing all the weeds, debris and unwanted plantings. The crew will trim, prune and shape your overgrown bedding plants, shrubs and ornamentals. Debris is hauled off site. Edging can be restored or improved. Typically we include weed control applications that drastically prolong the weed-free appearance of the bed.  A good hard raking is performed to freshen up the final appearance. A detailed blow down is the final step.  


Leaf Cleanups

Leaves when not cleaned up cause harm to your lawn, produce fungal growth, clog drains, and even damage the home's foundation.   Our friendly crew will collect and remove your leaves during the fall season leaving your property clean and lawn able to breathe.

Specialized Cleanups

Have us tackle a particular problem area on your property, this could be:  

  • Wind storm debris cleanup 

  • Invasive species removal such as blackberries

  • Moss removal

  • Gutter cleanouts

  • Pressure washing



Bark mulch is a great way to enhance the appearance of your property, it serves as a weed barrier, insulates roots and helps plants retain moisture. Our Enhancements crew will spread a generous layer of mulch over areas in need, paying attention to getting the mulch even and under the plantings.   We offer medium red fir and black composted mulch products.  The choice is a matter of preference!   

Seasonal color is always a wonderful addition to any property. Our Enhancements crew will fill your beds and planters with annuals or perennials. At the end of the season have us return to remove annual and perennial die back.

Amazing Results






Property cleanups, bark mulch, gutter cleaning and planting in Whatcom County,
Bellingham, Ferndale, Blaine and Lynden. 

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You can count on a super friendly crew, ready to get the job done right!

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