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Complete Lawn Care Services in Washington

At North County Lawn Care, our exceptional attention to detail, reliability, and professionalism distinguish us from other lawn care services. Our skilled employees are friendly, service-oriented, and knowledgeable about the unique growing conditions in Whatcom County and the surrounding areas.


Discover what makes us the best lawn care service near you and how we keep your yard looking greener all year round!

What Do Our Lawn Care Services Do?

Seasonal Weekly Mowing

From March to November, our lawn care professionals will mow your property to keep it looking pristine during the growing season.

Our professional mowing services also include steel blade edging of hard edges like curbs and sidewalks, soft edging around garden and flower beds, line trimming, and a detailed blowdown around your home to get rid of grass clippings. We also dispose of the grass clippings to keep your lawn at its healthiest.

Weed Control Services

Weeds are a pesky problem that can make it harder for your lawn to grow as green as it possibly can on its own. However, our lawn care professionals can help you control weeds all season long, making your lawn both more beautiful and more fun for the whole family. By reducing these weeds, your grass can grow more densely, making it harder for weeds to establish themselves.

Lawn Insect Control

Ants, grubs, and slugs can wreak havoc on your lawn, leading to bare spots and attracting wildlife like birds, raccoons, skunks, and more insects. These can in turn cause more weeds to appear on your lawn as these larger pests introduce seeds to the soil.

Our licensed lawn care technicians are familiar with all the major lawn insects that call Northwest Washington home. We’ll use our complimentary lawn analysis to determine which pests are most likely to show up in your lawn. From there, we’ll use a treatment program unique to your lawn care needs to eradicate any six- or eight-legged pests and keep them from coming back.

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Mole Control Services

In addition to eradicating bugs and insects, North County Lawn Care also offers mole control as part of our premium lawn health

Lawn Nutrition

Like any other living thing, your lawn needs nutrients to be as healthy as it can be. Our Essential and Premium Lawn Health Programs include fertilizer applications, along with feeding your grass lime and iron treatments. These balance the pH levels in your lawn’s soil and neutralize mosses commonly found in lawns throughout the Pacific Northwest. Together, they help your lawn grow to a lush, deep green!

Lawn Aeration Services

Aerating your lawn is essential for helping it grow and stay healthy for years to come. By using core or spike aeration every year to reduce the level of compaction in your soil, we allow more nutrients and water to penetrate the grass roots.


Our Lawn Health Programs

Our local lawn care programs are designed for the Pacific Northwest’s unique growing conditions. Whether your lawn needs basic maintenance for its health or you’re interested in letting us implement a more intensive plan, we’ll work with you to provide the ideal health program for your lawn.


General Lawn Health Program

All of our lawn health programs prioritize using high-quality products to make your lawn as healthy as it can possibly be. For our General Lawn Health Program, that includes:

  • Fertilizer applications in the spring and fall

  • Lime and iron applications

Essential Lawn Health Program

We always begin with a complimentary lawn analysis so we can customize a lawn health program based on what your lawn needs. The basics of our Essential Lawn Health Program include:

  • Fertilizer applications every 4–5 weeks

  • Lawn weed spray

  • Growth balancer application

  • Lime and iron applications

  • Grub and insect control

Premium Lawn Health Program

This program is designed for homeowners who want to help their lawns not just grow but thrive. Based on the results of your lawn analysis, your Premium Lawn Health Program may include:

  • Fertilizer applications every 4–5 weeks

  • Lawn weed spray

  • Growth balancer application

  • Lime and iron applications

  • Grub and insect control

  • Deep core aeration

Lawn Restoration Services

Our lawn restoration and rejuvenation services are a unique multistep program that can help revive even severely damaged lawns in 3–4 weeks!

With North County Lawn Rejuvenation, we can diagnose and treat the root of your lawn’s problems so you have a long-term solution instead of a temporary fix. Developed through years of experience treating lawns, our lawn rejuvenation services will help your lawn look lush and healthy again.




What Makes Our Full-Service Lawn Care Different

With so many lawn services in Northwest Washington, you might be wondering what makes us different. See for yourself why we have so many satisfied customers in Bellingham, Whatcom County, and the surrounding areas.

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Level Billing

With our Level Billing program, we bundle your routine services, and you enjoy the same monthly rate all year long. Our program takes the guesswork out of budgeting and managing your landscape maintenance needs. You'll save time and hassle with our Level Billing program, and our team will be there to provide top-notch service whenever your property needs it most. Say goodbye to fluctuating costs and hello to a simplified experience with North County Lawn Care.

Enjoy the predictability of level billing

Hard to Budget


Easy to Budget

Friendly Crew

Our licensed lawn care technicians prioritize safe, effective service and are always ready to get the job done right for a 5-star experience!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We know you’ll love the results of our work—but if there’s a reason you don’t, we’ll fix it.

Highly Rated

We’ve received hundreds of happy reviews from your friends and neighbors. 


Testimonials from Our Satisfied Customers

You know something is right and good when the whole neighborhood is exclaiming that your lawn is beautiful. While I have knowledge of many areas of horticulture, turf is not one of them, and we inherited a horrible lawn when we moved to our new home. I realized after a month of trying to get a handle on it that I needed more help. After talking with some folks in the area, and a couple of other services, we called NCLC. After visiting and site review, we set up a lawn rejuvenation program and after 3 or 4 months, our lawn is spectacular... See the full review from M. Shires

Our Lawn Care Projects

Transform Your  Lawn Today

Ready to make your lawn look beautiful without the time and hassle it takes to do your own maintenance? Get a free estimate today, and our experts will be happy to help you start enjoying your lawn.

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