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Our Landscape Maintenance Services in Washington

At North County Lawn Care, we pride ourselves on being Washington’s landscape maintenance experts. Our attention to detail and professionalism set us apart from other lawn care and landscaping services near you, and our knowledge of Whatcom County’s unique growing conditions allows us to let your garden thrive.

Discover what sets our landscape care and maintenance services apart, and how we keep your outdoor spaces looking beautiful all year long in Bellingham and beyond.

What Our Whatcom County Landscape Maintenance Experts Do

Bed & Gravel Maintenance

We offer three different types of garden bed and gravel maintenance programs to keep your residential property looking beautiful. Our professional landscapers will visit your property biweekly during the spring, summer, and fall months, and monthly during the winter to keep your beds in top condition all year long.

Our routine gravel maintenance services guarantee your rock and gravel gardens and other areas will stay free of weeds and debris, keeping them spotless.


Essential Bed Maintenance

Our technicians maintain your beds throughout the year to prevent weeds and debris. They’ll also help with weed control, trimming back and cleaning up perennials to prevent overgrowth and die back, plant and shrub fertilization, debris cleanup, hard raking, and mulch fluffing to keep your beds beautiful year-round.

Gravel Maintenance

Whether you have a gravel parking area, driveway, walkway, or rock garden, we can maintain your gravel beds on a regular schedule to keep them clean, clear of weeds, and easy to walk on. Please note that the frequency of this service may differ from how often we need to maintain your garden beds.

Premium Bed Maintenance

In addition to all the services we include in our essential bed maintenance program, we also offer shrub and tree pruning services as needed throughout the year. Your beds will never look better, and you’ll never have to worry about overgrown shrubbery or ornamental trees again!


We can lay down fresh bark mulch in your garden beds to mitigate the growth of weeds and protect the roots of your garden plants. Our mulching experts use two different types of bark mulch that are native to the Pacific Northwest—black composted mulch and medium fir mulch. Both of these mulches are free of dyes and chemicals, making an attractive and natural backdrop for your entire garden.


Pruning & Trimming Services

Pruning and trimming are essential parts of our residential landscape maintenance services near you, alongside our lawn care services. Doing so allows your plants to stay healthy and maintain their beauty and appeal. Whether you need annual hedge trimming or other seasonal pruning services, North County Lawn Care is here to help.

We take pride in caring for your trees and shrubs so you can enjoy coming home to a neat, tidy landscape of well-maintained ornamental shrubs, trees, and grasses.

Cleanups & Enhancements

Whether it’s trimming back overgrown flower beds, cleaning up and disposing of seasonal leaves, or a specialized yard cleanup ahead of selling your home, our crews will go above and beyond to give you impressive and lasting results.

All our cleanup services begin with a free site visit. We can customize these services to suit your property and needs.


Why Our Residential Landscape Maintenance Services Are Different

Level Billing

With some lawn care and landscaping services, you might end up getting surprise bills during the summer months when your outdoor spaces need more attention. However, this can make budgeting harder than it needs to be.

Our Level Billing program aims to change that. We bundle your routine services into a single package so you only have to pay the same monthly rate all year. This takes the guesswork out of budgeting for landscape maintenance when we handle your residential landscaping in Washington.

Hard to Budget


Easy to Budget


Friendly Crew

Our full-service landscape maintenance experts prioritize safe, effective service for your lawn and garden. They’re always ready to get the job done right for a 5-star experience!

Responsive Team

When our business is open, we pride ourselves on answering the phone on the first ring. That way, we can help you address your needs right away.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We know you’ll love the results of our work on your landscape—but if for some reason you don’t, we’ll make things right.

Highly Rated

We’ve received hundreds of happy reviews from your friends and neighbors throughout Bellingham and Whatcom County.


Our Landscape Maintenance Projects

Work with a Landscape Maintenance Service Near You

Ready to make your lawn more beautiful than ever? Get a free quote today and we’ll help you learn more about your lawn’s unique needs.

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