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Landscape Maintenance Services in Lynden

If you want your property to look its best, you have to keep up with landscaping tasks to ensure it is clean and free of weeds, shrubs and trees are pruned, and beds are mulched. However, busy, working adults and those raising families often run out of time in their day to do this. That’s where North County Lawn Care comes in! We offer landscape maintenance services to keep your property looking its best all year long.

What Our Lynden Landscaping Experts Do

Bed & Gravel Maintenance

We understand that different properties have different landscaping needs. While some properties require more intensive weed prevention, others may just need a little help keeping weeds out of the gravel. That’s why we have three levels of landscape maintenance services for our customers so that we can meet the needs of any property.



This program keeps your beds free of weeds, and includes perennial cleaning, fertilization, and mulch raking.


This program includes all the services of our essential maintenance program plus tree and shrub pruning.

Gravel Maintenance

For those with gravel areas, whether it is a driveway, parking lot, walkway, or rock garden, we offer a gravel program that will keep your gravel free of weeds and clear of any errant grass that might grow.


Pruning & Trimming Services

Professional landscape maintenance services often include tree and shrub pruning and trimming. You may not realize that it is an art to properly prune and trim trees and shrubs. From the time of year trees and shrubs are trimmed to where on a branch to cut, our experts know how to keep your landscaping looking exceptional.


Cleanups & Enhancements

Dealing with end-of-season debris or simply an overgrown flower bed can be a tedious task, especially for someone who doesn’t enjoy gardening. Then add in timing the cleanups right, knowing what to leave and what to pull, and it can become very daunting very quickly. The good news is that our team is passionate about all aspects of landscape maintenance and enjoys the work that they do. From cleanups to pruning, we love it all!


Why Our Landscape Maintenance Services Are Different

Level Billing

With level billing, it’s our goal to make budgeting for landscape maintenance services simple for our customers. We take pride in being up-front, honest, and clear in our pricing, so you know exactly what you’re paying, when, and for what service. 

Friendly Crew

Our crews enjoy the work that they do, and it shows! We want you to feel comfortable when North County Lawn Care is on your property, which is why we only hire friendly professionals. You’ll enjoy seeing your landscaping spring back to life with the help of our friendly crew!

Responsive Team

If you have a question about billing, your landscaping, or your plant material, we want you to get answers. Our office staff is trained to address your needs. However, if you have a question for which they don’t have the answer, they will work to get you an answer quickly. We believe that communication is important, which is why we do our best to address your needs promptly.

Satisfaction Guarantee

When you’re searching the internet for landscape maintenance services near me and you come across our page, we want you to know we are serious about our work — we’re so serious that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. We think that you’ll love the work we do, but we understand if questions or concerns arise. If you ever have a concern about our work, simply contact us so we can assess the situation and do what needs to be done to make it right.

Highly Rated

We are proud of being a highly rated landscape maintenance service provider and aim to continue to provide exceptional service to our customers today and in the future. Check out our ratings and comments from our customers online to see why so many people in Lynden choose us!

Work with a Landscape Maintenance Service Near You

Are you interested in a landscape maintenance service near Lynden? We can help! We do our best to make the process easy. Simply contact us to get started, and we’ll come and check out your property. From there, we’ll get you a contract for your review. Contact North County Lawn Care for an estimate today!

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