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Artificial Grass Installation

On top of offering landscaping and lawn care services, North County Lawn Care also offers artificial grass installation in Whatcom County and beyond. Discover more about artificial turf and how we can help you get the lawn of your dreams.

What Is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is a series of thousands of synthetic fibers made to look and feel like real sod, without any of the fuss. Sports teams often use it for athletic fields, but it’s also a great choice for having a beautiful green lawn all year long.

Even more, the fake-looking artificial turf you may have seen on football fields is a thing of the past. Synthetic grass is more realistic than ever, with blades that replicate how real grass moves and feels.

We offer four types of synthetic grass for your lawn:

  • All-purpose: As the name implies, this is a multipurpose artificial grass that works well for high-traffic areas on your lawn.

  • Summer blend: Ideal for handling heavy traffic during the warmer months when you’re outside more often, our summer blend stays cool and withstands the wear and tear from your kids spending hours outside and has a blend of green and brown thatch for a natural appearance. 

  • Plush: This style of synthetic grass is great for high-visibility areas that don’t see a lot of foot traffic, such as gardens and front lawns.

  • Pet: Our pet-friendly style of synthetic turf was designed with dogs and cats in mind, featuring Quad-Flow permeable backing for proper drainage and antimicrobial fibers, making it a snap to clean after your pets eliminate waste.

Synthetic Lawn AP and Mega Arbel Rio.jpg
Synthetic Turf All Purpose (2).JPG

Why Choose Artificial Grass for Your Lawn?

For homeowners and business owners in northwest Washington, there are many reasons why choosing synthetic turf is the most practical choice for your lawn. Here are just a few of the reasons so many people choose to install artificial grass.

Perfectly Manicured Look

You’ll never have to worry about artificial turf looking brown or dying during the summer, or getting muddy during the rainy winter months! When you choose our synthetic turf, we can make the landscaping look exactly how you want it to for a lush, soft lawn that always looks perfect.

Low Maintenance

Get your weekend back! Artificial turf never needs to be cut, fertilized, or aerated to stay looking just as healthy as the real thing. The most maintenance it may need is occasional rinsing with a hose or your existing sprinkler system to get rid of surface-level dust during dry spells or to clean up after your pets as needed.

Water Conservation

Keeping a traditional sod lawn healthy and green in Whatcom County’s scorching-hot summers can get expensive fast. However, switching to a lawn made of synthetic grass in Washington solves the issue by removing the need for watering altogether.

With a high-quality synthetic lawn, you’ll get to enjoy a green lawn all year long, without your water bill breaking the bank.

Pest Deterrence

One of the greatest benefits of having an artificial lawn in Washington is that it makes it much harder for pests to make themselves at home in your yard. Without soil, insects like beetles can’t lay their eggs in your lawn—therefore, there won’t be any grubs, and nothing to attract critters like skunks and raccoons.

Pet Friendly

There’s a reason why so many businesses use pet turf as a relief space for service animals—it feels just as real to Fido as it does to us. Even more, while real turf can get destroyed when pets play or run around on it, synthetic turf can withstand any wear and tear from paws and claws.

At North County Lawn Care, one of the four types of synthetic turf we offer is a style designed specifically for pet use. It’s designed to drain well and take little more than picking up waste and rinsing the area to stay clean.


Putting Green Installation

On top of being a great way to have a safe play area for your kids and pets, installing synthetic turf is the perfect solution for golf lovers! We’ll set up a designated putting green within your lawn using a lower-pile turf so you can practice your game without ever having to set foot in a country club.

Kihm_Putting Green 1 - Copy.jpg

Synthetic Grass Installation Near You

At North County Lawn Care, we specialize in synthetic lawn installation in Washington. Here are some of the areas we serve from our headquarters in Bellingham.

Whatcom County

We provide top-quality synthetic lawn installation near you if you live in Whatcom County. Our artificial turf installation services cover our neighbors in Bellingham, Lynden, Marietta-Alderwood, Birch Bay, and much more.

Skagit County

Our synthetic turf installation services also cover Skagit County, including Anacortes, Burlington, Mt. Vernon, and beyond.

Island County

Communities and businesses in Island County, including Whidbey Island and Camano Island, can use our synthetic turf to keep their lawns looking green year-round.


Why Choose North County Lawn Care for Synthetic Grass Installation?

At North County Lawn Care, we install high-quality, realistic synthetic turf. Our expert turf installers will plan out every detail of your lawn installation, from planning the site to finishing off the last layer of turf.

Our Process

When you have us install your artificial lawn, you can expect our synthetic turf installers to follow this general process, with a few finishing touches to make your artificial lawn look lifelike:

  • Removing the grass: We’ll tear out several inches of your existing sod, leaving a base of packed soil so your lawn doesn’t settle later on.

  • Adding the base: Your artificial turf will rest on up to 6 inches of base rock, which gives it a level foundation and allows it to drain more easily.

  • Laying the turf: We’ll install perimeter edging and then roll out your artificial turf to cover your lawn like a carpet and let it expand for at least 30 minutes, making sure the grass is facing the right direction.

  • Cutting and seaming: Once the turf has expanded, we’ll cut around any corners, paver stones, and walkways and then secure any seams in the turf to give your yard a seamless look.

  • Spreading the infill: Your synthetic turf has infill material that helps keep it in place and looking lush. Our experts use specialized infill sand or a mix of pet-friendly materials, which they’ll spread and brush to distribute evenly.


If your yard is on the small side, it will take at least one full day to finish laying down your synthetic turf. However, if you have a large lawn or intricate layout you need us to install, it could take a week or more.


Read Our Reviews

“We used North County Lawn Care for our patio project. We had pavers and synthetic grass installed. From our first correspondence with Ben I knew this was a company with a lot of knowledge and experience. We made quite a few changes along the way and Ben was always accommodating and patient with all our back and forth, and supplying us with new quotes.” – Samantha Balfour

Looking for Artificial Grass Installers Near You?

Let us bring your landscape dreams to life! Request a quote from us today and we’ll help you get started.

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