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Lynden Lawn Care Services

With spring rain comes fast-growing grass, which means regular lawn care maintenance. When you need a local Lynden lawn care service to stay on top of your lawn, choose a company with a reputation for success. Keep your property looking great and growing healthy with lawn care maintenance from North County Lawn Care.

Looking for Lawn Care in Lynden, WA?


Lawn Mowing

We offer beautiful, professional lawn mowing services in Lynden as part of North County’s all-new Automower program.

Weed Control

Make your yard pristine and free of noxious weeds with expert treatment from a reliable, local, Lynden lawn care company. Weed control treatments from North County Lawn Care will help your grass grow more densely, making it less likely for weeds to sprout. 

Lawn Pest Control

Need to eliminate common lawn pests like grubs and slugs? Look no further. North County Lawn Care can take care of those pests and keep your lawn green and lush.

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Mole Control

Moles can cause devastating damage to a lawn. North County Lawn Care offers mole control services to deter and remove these pests from your property.

Lawn Nutrition

We love helping our clients maintain healthy, vibrant, and beautiful lawns with proper nutrition. Turf management requires more than just regular mowing and weed prevention. Our lawn care experts will determine what nutrients your lawn needs to keep it growing beautifully.

Lawn Aeration

For lawn aeration, use a Lynden lawn care company that knows what they’re doing. Our team will properly aerate your lawn to reduce compaction and ensure proper growth.


Our Lawn Health Programs

Experience the difference that a healthy lawn can make in the appearance of your property with programs that are designed to specifically cater to Lynden’s particular lawn care needs. Our unique climate means we need lawn maintenance that keeps our local environment in mind. That's why we offer three programs that work for different budgets but will each ensure a beautiful lawn.


General Lawn Health

North County Lawn Care’s general lawn health program is perfect for the budget-conscious property owner who wants a good looking lawn but doesn’t need pest or weed control or more advanced services, such as aeration or growth balancers. 

Essential Lawn Health

Our essential lawn health program will give you the basics included with general lawn health but offers the addition of weed and lawn pest control. You have a choice when it comes to Lynden lawn care companies, which is why we offer options for our customers.

Premium Lawn Health

Premium lawn health will keep your lawn thriving and in pristine condition. Be the envy of the neighborhood with regularly maintained lawn care, plus the premium services of aeration with our premium lawn health program. 

Lawn Restoration Services

Whether you bought a new property or are ready to take control of your lawn, we offer lawn restoration services that can take a lawn in poor condition and turn it around. We can revive a severely damaged lawn in as little as three to four weeks! Choose the Lynden lawn care company that delivers results!




Why Choose North County Lawn Care?

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Level Billing

Unexpected costs and add-ons are a homeowner's worst nightmare. You budget a specific amount for your lawn care, which is why we offer level billing with no surprises. Your costs won’t fluctuate when you choose North County Lawn Care, the absolute best in Lynden lawn care services

Enjoy the predictability of level billing

Hard to Budget

Friendly Crew

Although mowing the grass is an independent task, we take pride in having a friendly crew that you feel comfortable having on your property. We will arrive with a smile to make your lawn beautiful.

Easy to Budget

Satisfaction Guarantee

When it comes to Lynden lawn care, our company is one of the best not just for our exceptional results but because we offer a satisfaction guarantee for our service. We want our customers happy with their lawn and happy with us.


What Our Clients Have Said

We’re making properties all throughout Whatcom County beautiful. Don’t just take our word for it, learn what others have to say about our services. 

“You know something is right and good when the whole neighborhood is exclaiming that your lawn is beautiful.” 

Our Lawn Care Projects

Start Transforming Your Lawn

Let’s get your lawn looking beautiful. Contact North County Lawn Care today for the best in Lynden lawn care services!

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