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Your Landscape Design Company in Lynden, WA

If you’re looking around at the lackluster landscaping on your property, it might be time to call a landscape design company in Lynden to help bring your space to life. With more than 20 years in business and experience with the unique climate of the Pacific Northwest, North County Lawn Care can create a landscaping design for your property that will look beautiful and meet your needs.

Our Landscape Design Services in Lynden


Landscaping Beds

Landscaping beds are a great option for adding interest, color, and luscious green plants to make your property look beautiful and inviting. With low-maintenance plant material, we can create a space that won’t break your back to maintain, or we can create a plan to maintain them for you. As a landscape design company in Lynden with a great reputation for excellent work and customer service, we are here to help you get the landscaping you desire.

Raised Garden Boxes

North County Lawn Care aims to be a full-service landscape design company in Lynden, offering more than just grass mowing and installing parkway trees (although, we do that too!). We can install a raised garden bed for you so that you can plant veggies or whatever you’d like. Filled with fresh garden soil and made from weather-resistant cedar, our beds will blend in as a great addition to your yard.

Planting Boxes

Pollinator Gardens

Pollinator gardens are an excellent choice to add vibrant color with native flowers while creating an environment that bees, butterflies, and other pollinators love. Do your part for the environment while creating a beautiful, colorful garden on your property. We’ll ensure your questions are answered. As pollinator gardens gain popularity, we find that butterflies and homeowners alike are excited to have these gardens as welcome additions to their landscaping.


One thing about gardens that not everyone loves is you have to water them during droughts or other dry spells. That’s why we offer expertly installed irrigation to keep your grass and landscaping growing strong and beautifully all growing season long. Save hours of watering and wasted resources by having the right amount watered on a schedule with a custom irrigation system.


North County Lawn Care is more than a landscape design company in Lynden, we also offer low-voltage lighting options that can illuminate your walkways, steps, patio, and landscaping. Highlight the investment in your property with downlights and uplights that brighten up your space. Lights are also an excellent deterrent for would-be criminals who would prefer to lurk around in the night. Our energy-efficient lighting is an excellent addition to any landscaping feature.


Landscape Installation in Lynden



As a premier landscape design company in Lynden, we take pride in our process, ensuring that our customers get top-quality work with every landscaping install. Occasionally, topsoil is needed to amend your current soil, which will create a nutrient-rich environment for your plants to grow healthy and beautifully. When we take care of the landscaping on your property, we want to make sure it’s got the right conditions to thrive!

Seed and Sod

Whether your property is new construction and devoid of grass or your lawn has been damaged or removed for any reason (walkway or pool removal for example), North County Lawn Care can help you determine whether seed or sod is the best choice to get things growing again. Transform your property with a beautiful, luscious lawn.

Rock and Gravel

Rock and gravel are excellent low-cost, low-maintenance options for landscaping beds, walkways, and more. Reach out to us to find out the cost and whether this would be a good fit for your landscaping.


Have an area that constantly holds water? Let us help. We can identify the issue and determine the best drainage solution for your property, whether it’s a French drain or drain tile installation. We’ll ensure that your landscaping doesn’t stay soggy in the wet climate of the Pacific Northwest with adequate drainage.


When looking for a landscape design company in Lynden, you’ll want to check and see if they offer edging services. Edging can finish a design, making it truly look professional and aesthetically pleasing. We'll assess your property and offer edging options that will work for your budget and landscaping, whether it’s a natural edge or more substantial.


How to Get Started

At North County Lawn Care, we make the process simple. Contact us to let us know you’re interested in a property evaluation, whether it’s for landscape design or maintenance, along with your budget, timeline expectations, and anything else we should know. From there, we’ll come to your property, take measurements, and develop a plan with an estimate so you know exactly what our services would cost should you choose to engage us.


A Landscape Design Company You Can Trust

We don’t want to be known as just another landscape design company in Lynden. We aim to be the company that people trust, respect, and want to refer to their friends and family — not because we asked them to do so, but because they were so thrilled with our work. Our friendly team is here to help guide you through landscaping decisions creating a plan that you’re excited about. Check out our reviews to see what other people are saying!

So thrilled with our experience. We had a general idea of what we had wanted for our patio, and North County made it real—with expert guidance along the way. The work was so efficiently done and the job was not finished until everything was perfect. We loved the attention to detail. We love our new patio!

—Rebecca Stearns

We used North County Lawn Care for our patio project. We had pavers and synthetic grass installed. From our first correspondence with Ben, I knew this was a company with a lot of knowledge and experience. We made quite a few changes along the way, and Ben was always accommodating and patient with all our back and forth and supplying us with new quotes. Their quotes are very detailed, so there are no surprises along the way. We would highly recommend North County Lawn Care.

—Samantha Balfour

We love the new look with our path and gardens! Kevin and crew had installed our firepit and patio about 5 years ago and matched it perfectly!

—Judy Buiter

We just had a wonderful experience [with] North County Lawn Care. We wanted to add some social spaces/patios, artificial turf and completely refresh our gravel paths/driveway and mulch areas to our outdoor space. North County Lawn Care accomplished all this and more! The whole crew was incredibly professional, prompt, respectful, and very hardworking. Luis and Kevin were our primary crew, and they are such a good team. They took our outdoor space to the next level, and we couldn’t be happier! We highly recommend North County Lawn Care. We will definitely be using them again!

—R. Prendergast

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