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Landscape Design Services in Blaine, WA

With Washington’s unique climate, you need a local company to handle your landscaping in Blaine, WA — someone who understands the climate and who puts customers first. That’s what you get with North County Lawn Care.

Our Landscape Design Services in Blaine


Landscaping Beds

Transform the look of your property with beautifully designed landscaping beds. With our deep expertise in landscape design in Blaine, WA, we can suggest a vibrant selection of native flowers and shrubs that flourish in the local soil. Our team will help you choose drought-resistant, low-maintenance plants to enhance your landscape's beauty with minimal effort.


Proper lighting can accentuate your landscape and improve home security. By strategically placing energy-efficient lighting, you can highlight your landscaping and architectural features so they remain visible, and the area remains safe, after dark.



Keeping your lawn and garden adequately watered, especially during hot, dry periods, can be a demanding task. If your garden beds are far from a water source, it can be even harder. A smart irrigation system can automate your watering schedule, lower your water bill, and reduce the environmental impact.

Raised Garden Boxes

Raised garden boxes offer a superb addition to any garden. Crafted from locally sourced, weather-resistant cedar and filled with premium soil, these boxes will enhance your landscape design and provide a practical and attractive gardening solution.

Pollinator Gardens

Pollinator gardens play a crucial role in supporting the environment by attracting essential insects like butterflies and bees. Establishing a pollinator habitat not only enhances biodiversity but also adds a unique and beautiful feature to your landscape design in Blaine.


Landscaping Installation in Blaine



For optimal plant growth in your Blaine, WA landscape design, the right soil mixture is crucial. We will assess your specific area and create a perfect blend of compost and soil to ensure your plants thrive and flourish.

Seed and Sod

Whether you have a new home, removed a patio, or need to replace a damaged lawn, our team can install sod or spread the ideal mix of seeds to achieve a lush, beautiful lawn. If you prefer, we can also install synthetic turf for a low-maintenance alternative.

Rock and Gravel

Rock and gravel are excellent choices for low-maintenance, high-drainage landscaping solutions. Ideal for filling beds and natural pond areas, we provide a variety of hardscape installation services to enhance your landscape design.


Managing drainage is essential to a durable and great-looking property, particularly with Blaine's soaking rains and wet winters. Our expertise allows us to provide effective drainage solutions tailored to your landscape's needs. Let us evaluate your drainage challenges and transform your landscape from soggy to spectacular.


Clean, well-defined edges can dramatically enhance your property's appearance. Whether you need a comprehensive cleanup or simple lawn maintenance edging, our landscaping experts can offer recommendations that improve both the look and value of your property.


Why Our Landscape Design Services Are Different

We don’t want you to randomly search for landscape designers near you. We want you to choose a landscape design company you can trust. Our team is dedicated to landscape design in Bellingham, WA, but we’re even more passionate about helping our customers and giving them a five-star experience. Don’t just take our word for it — trust in the nearly 4,000 customers across Whatcom County who rave about our services.


Why Our Landscape Maintenance Services Are Different

Level Billing

We believe in transparency, which is why we have level billing. It makes it easier for homeowners to budget, and it makes it clear what you get. When you need landscaping in Blaine, go with a company that makes taking care of your property easy.

Friendly Crew

When you have people on your property, whether it’s for landscaping or other contract work, you want to feel comfortable that they are there.  Our crews are always respectful of our customers’ properties and are there to do a job. We are proud of our professional, friendly crew that will get the job done without disrupting your day.

Responsive Team

When you have questions, we have answers! Our staff in the office can address questions, concerns, and scheduling issues quickly and respectfully. You’ll never be left in the dark or stuck getting voicemail when you work with us.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in our Blaine landscaping services, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with our work, contact us so we can make it right. It is always our goal to ensure you are completely satisfied — on every job, from lawn mowing to landscape design.

Highly Rated

When you’re looking for Blaine landscaping, you’ll see that North County Lawn Care is highly rated. We are proud of our work and our reputation and want you to feel comfortable in your choice.

See Our Landscape Designs in Blaine, WA

Considering North County Lawn Care for your landscape design in Blaine, WA? Check out our portfolio to see the beautiful landscapes we’ve created near you!

Work with a Landscape Design Company Near You

If your property needs landscape design services, look no further than North County Lawn Care! We are here to help you enhance your property and landscaping so it looks its best. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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