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I cannot begin to express how satisfied my fiancé and I are with the work that these guys did! Had a storm roll through a few weeks ago and our concern was the hanging limbs over our house. Quick professional response the same day, our yard and safety of our property was restored! Thank you again guys! See you in a few weeks for our upgrade on the front yard.


Scott -- Whatcom County, WA


Just wanted to say the two gentlemen that have been coming to service our yard the last couple of months do an outstanding job.  They are really top notch and very thorough - just wanted to recognize them and make sure you knew you have a great team.


John & Caroline -- Blaine, WA



Well, we have another WOW from you folks, except now it is in our Birch Bay backyard! Our new backyard is fabulous!! Can't thank you enough! We are just as thrilled with the backyard as we are with our front yard! Now our new summer place is totally finished.

Carol -- Birch Bay, WA


My neighbors and I are impressed, to say the least, at the FANTASTIC job our new gardeners are doing. Not only have they cleared away debris that has been around forever, they are pruning, etc.--the culdesac has never looked better. There must have been half a dozen guys out there--I suppose that's just for the initial cleanup-nevertheless, impressive to make such initial effort to get back to normal. Good choice!


Renate -- Bellingham, WA



It is so good to see that our landscaping is going to be returned to the way it was. North County has already begun to undo the damage done last year and they have just started. Looks like a good decision by the board to hire them.


Kay -- Bellingham, WA



Thank you- your crew did a great job. See you in March or April of 2017!


Norm -- Blaine, WA



Just a quick note of praise for your team that I thought your office, crew, and Kevin would like to hear: 

Northcounty did work across the street from us at our neighbor's here on Northridge Way in Bellingham. Her yard looks amazing! And she told me how professional and nice the crew was to work with. I never know when I give out a recommendation whether it will be used and if it will be as wonderful as the experience I've had with a company, so it's really nice to hear good news! I'll definitely keep passing the word around to everyone I know. Have a wonderful day!
Jocelyn -- Bellingham, WA


I would also like to express how happy we are with the work the guys did. They did a fabulous job! Please let them know I appreciate what they did. 


Tami -- Bellingham, WA



The edging was exceptionally well done!


Debbie -- Blaine, WA



They did an AMAZING job and we are so happy! They were a great group of guys, and we can’t wait to have them back in the future. 


Whitney -- Bellingham, WA




I have gotten so many comments lately about how good my yard looks, and that is all from your shrub-cutting and bark-spreading last fall (and my flowers, of course.) Thanks.


Karen -- Ferndale, WA



 "Thank you" for the BEAUTIFUL job you guys did on our flower beds!!  I'm extremely happy and really love how nice it smells from the beauty bark around our house!  ha!  Fabulous! 


Tammy -- Deming, WA



Delighted with their work and very happy with how far my landscape has come in the last year thanks to NCLC!


Rosemarie -- Ferndale, WA



Thank you for the hard work you are doing to make our landscape beautiful!  I appreciate your hard work and feel lucky having you here for the project.


Kim -- Ferndale, WA



We are very pleased with the final product.  Our yard looks very appropriate for the surroundings and frames the house very nicely.  Thanks for your ideas and splendid work.  If you ever wish to use us a reference, we would be very happy to recommend your firm.  Again, our thanks to you and the others who helped with our project and we wish you every success in the future.


Fred & Elaine -- Bellingham, WA



Thank you, your install crew did a fantastic job! You exceeded my expectations.


Roger -- Lynden, WA



Thank you for the nice work at mowing, edging, and trimming


Jeanetta -- Birch Bay, WA



Thank you again for the great work and all the extras before our big party at the beach house...


Joanne -- Birch Bay, WA



We were impressed with the courteous young men who came to clear the gutters!


Angela -- Blaine, WA



Your crew that did my bed maintenance did a good job and was a very nice person

Mr. H. -- Birch Bay, WA



Your pruning crew was here today and I want to tell you they did a wonderful job.


Fred -- Birch Bay, WA



Thank you for a service wonderfully done.  It is nice to have Kevin and his crew as well as you office girls that all take pride in what you do and it shows by the ending product.

Jackie -- Ferndale, WA


I have dealt with a lot of company's in my years in business, North County Lawn Care has first class owners and staff, it has been a pleasant experience, thank you and all your staff.

Murray & Lorna -- Birch Bay, WA

I have been in Birch Bay for 13 years.  I have looked at my flower beds and my back lawn and always felt sad, no matter what type of treatment I had, from weeding to putting in topsoil and beauty bark, to spraying and killing almost everything in site.  No matter how much money or time and effort was put into my yard, it was NEVER up to speed.  I would turn into my driveway and look the other way.  I even had a sign in my front flower bed that said "weeds for sale, you pick".

One day, I decided to call you guys.  I was well pleased with Brittney's professionalism and warmth over the telephone as I was with Levi's first visit.  Aaron and Ryan had the task of chopping weeds almost as tall as I am.  When they finished the job, I wanted to "adopt" both of them. lol.  It was clean.  SUPER clean.  I invited my neighbor, my entire family in Whatcom County and my friends from church to come and see how beautiful it looked by just "weeding".

Then I met Kevin.  I knew he was different but I didn't think he was the owner because I haven't "seen" an owner of a company come out in so long.  I noticed, however, he had an authoritative and take-charge attitude.  I started telling him "my designs" for the space and his face started to change.  He gave me his honest, professional opinion.  I KNOW what I want and it would have looked beautiful but in another time and space. lol. He was also polite, as not to hurt my feelings, as he moved me slowly in another direction.  I already "KNOW" Richard is going to do a fantastic job.  Anyone they have working on their team fits the profile of their mission.  "Excellence in Service".  Thank you North County Lawn Care.  You have made one of my dreams come true.

Diedre & Vance -- Birch Bay, WA

We had a great experience with North County Lawn Care from the moment we met the owner through our entire project.  Kevin is professional, responsive, and listens well.  He is very knowledgeable about various aspects of landscaping and offered great ideas with an outcome we are proud of.  His employees are well trained and respectful hard workers.  The ethics, values, dedication and pride of this landscaping company surpassed our expectations.  We won't hesitate to use Kevin and his crew again!  Thank you for the great experience and impressive results!

Don & Lori Boyer -- Bellingham, WA


Thank you very much for the amazing job you folks have done on my lawn!  I was ready to give in and sod it because my neighbors sod looked so great compared to mine, but after your advise, effort and three weeks it looks great.  I only wish I had before and after pics to post.  Thanks again to you and your crew.  I am impressed with the quality and fair price of what you accomplished.  If a lawn of mine needs to be saved again, you're it!

Lupe -- Lynden, WA


We recently purchased a home with a yard that had been fully neglected for over a year and which had uneven surfaces and overgrown weeds. After enlisting North County Lawn Care to do a full restoration including irrigation and lighting installation, we watched this yard transform into a beautiful landscape with a perfect lawn, barked flower beds, and a fantastic patio. Kevin’s insights and suggestions throughout the project were invaluable and evidenced his experience, attention to detail, and artistic eye. We have happily recommended North County Lawn Care to several neighbors who have commented on the yard transformation.

Luke & Macki -- Blaine, WA

Our back hillside was a real problem for us.  We had no flat surface on which to walk; it slopes at a forty-five degree angle with a drop of thirty feet from the top of the hillside into our home.  The hillside was also moving constantly due to the water runoff.  Lastly, we had no privacy as our neighbors above us looked directly down into our backyard.  We are very pleased with the project done for us by North County Lawn Care. 

The project was a huge undertaking for both us and North County Lawn Care.  They landscaped our entire back yard with Allen Blocks, over a thousand of them.  The challenges were numerous in that there was almost no access to the backyard as we are surrounded by homes.  They had to make a pathway along one side of our house to carry out hundreds of cubic yards of dirt from the back hillside and replace it with Allen Blocks and hundreds of yards of rock to go behind the Allen Blocks.  All in all, we ended up with a gorgeous flat flagstone paved patio (the first time ever we have had any flat surface in the backyard).  We also have five tiered Allen Block walls each standing approximately five foot tall behind which is a complete irrigation system to carry the rain water off into our French drain and rock, not dirt so the hillside will not move.  The project took four months to complete with North County Lawn Care working almost daily on our project.

We highly recommend North County Lawn Care for their professional handling and completion of our project.

Patrick & Cynthia -- Birch Bay Village, WA


We have been very happy with your service over the past few years.  We appreciate the fact that your grass cutting crew are timely, and usually review the state of the lawn before selecting the size and type of mower for that day depending on the wetness of the grass.

They are very efficient and hard working and do an excellent job.  We recommend your good service.

David -- Semiahmoo, WA


We've owned our home in East Blaine for 17 years.  We have put a lot of love and hard work into our 1/2 acre yard over the years.  We are in our late 60's and both had suffered injuries that required long recovery times.  Unfortunately, the yard suffered too.  It really was discouraging to see all our hard work falling apart.

We finally called North County Lawn Care and Kevin came out to talk with us to see what was needed.  They did an amazing job of getting our place back in shape.  They have the equipment and team to take care of anything we need or want done.  The general upkeep and maintenance could not be better.  We only wish we had hired them sooner.

Thanks North County,


Bill & Lin -- Blaine, WA

I just want to pass on an exceptional service today that we had from your crew.  We agreed that the lawn needed cutting and I explained that we had a contractor who was working in the back.  I asked the crew to move some pieces of wood onto the deck (out of their way) and to be sure to leave the clippings in the compost.  As I was leaving, a new crew member was receiving additional instructions on cutting around the work site, including to go slowly around things and especially in the higher grass.  He had a good teacher.

When I was back inside, I saw that one fellow was blowing off the driveway as our car was away and the cedar branches had blown down in the earlier wind.  That was great, as the contractor hadn't arrive yet.  Later, I heard the mower going around for the second time.  It was the regular crew member and he was re-cutting some areas where the lawn was very thick and long.  Then he used the blower again.  It didn't take him very long to do this extra work, but I was very pleased to see that he wasn't pleased with the first cutting and wanted to leave a good job behind.  The yard looks great!  And, we have a large pile of clippings for compost. 

Please thank the crew for me and tell them how impressed I am.  It was indeed above and beyond a usual cutting and certainly appreciated!  You will certainly continue to get our business with this quality of service!

Lea -- Blaine, WA


North County Lawn Care has done a great job of keeping our yard looking good.  Their customer service puts them a step above what I would class as necessary.  No matter what I need or ask, they are right there to help.  It is never inconvenient for them to answer a question, lift a plant over there or just smile and say hello.  Would recommend the company to anyone.

Rick & Claire -- Birch Bay, WA

I met with Kevin after viewing his website when I was working with the city on a Home Incentive Program for my property last month. He consulted with the city representative and myself and we agreed on a plan. Kevin and his crew arrived promptly as promised on every occasion and kept me informed about developments or any necessary changes. North County went the extra mile for me, finished the job beautifully and right on time. More importantly Kevin kept in close touch with the city and followed the city’s requirements to the last detail. His crew members, without exception, are friendly, helpful and professional. Kevin is a fine business man, knowledgeable, detailed, organized and very quick to return calls. I have and will continue to recommend him highly for lawn care and landscaping projects and will certainly call him for future work.

P. Parkes -- Bellingham, WA


Thank you so much for your professionalism and great work!

Again, thank you so much, you can imagine the concern someone might have with having a third party caring for our possessions.

My wife and I are very pleased with your company, and look forward to any future business with you.

Mark & Julie -- Birch Bay, WA


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to give my highest recommendation of North County Lawn Care and its owner /operator Kevin Wiebe.

We purchased a home from Wiebe Construction (Kevin’s father) and were referred to him by our listing agent Mike Kent of Windermere Real Estate. At first I thought it would just be convenient as it was the builder’s son and I would just see how it went.

We are not only satisfied but are beyond impressed that Kevin promised us upon choosing him that our beautiful new vacation home would look like the day it was landscaped every time we pulled into the driveway.  We have yet to not have that be the exact case. Even after a major wind storm we came up only to find the yard cleaned up and looking perfect for us to enjoy.

I love a great yard, more importantly I love to not have to worry about it when I come up to Birch Bay to relax. Kevin and North County Lawn Care have provided that luxury for me. It is worth the investment in his services not only for the enjoyment but the protection of the investment of the home itself.


Jack -- Birch Bay, WA


We live in Birch Bay Village and have been customers of North County Lawn Care for 1 full season. Our weekly service includes: mowing, edging, blowing and other lawn and yard services as needed. Kevin and his crews take pride in their work and aim for customer satisfaction. Quality equipment is used along with trained personnel who always try to please their customers 100%.

Thanks North County Lawn Care, we are very pleased!

Steve -- Birch Bay,  WA


We appreciate the good work your guys do everyday!

Mike & Paula -- Birch Bay, WA